Rest in Peace Frank

Frank was a good dog. I valued his existence and am sad that he is gone. But during his 3 years with me, he taught me so much…

Frank always loved playing with ropes, he developed a game that he could play by himself. He’d swing the rope around like a hammer-throwing olympian.

He taught me that you can make your own fun, and something as boring as a piece of rope, could keep you entertained.

Frank would celebrate your arrival, he was always excited when someone new came to the house, or when one of us came home.

He taught me that seeing your friends and family should be celebrated as you never know the last time you’ll see them.

Frank was fit, he loved exercise, he didn’t care if it was rainy or sunny he would be excited to go on a walk in any weather.

He taught me to listen to my body, as exercise is always more important than staying comfy in dry clothes.

Frank was determined but empathetic, he would love playing tug of war with other dogs and people. He wanted to prove his strength, but would rather keep the game going than win. He would change his strength according to his opponent.

He taught me that it’s often the game that’s fun, and sometimes it’s better to play to other people’s abilities (even it you could easily win) to make it more fun for everyone.

Frank was attentive and clever, he’d constantly be looking at your face trying to understand commands and emotion in order to get a treat.

He taught me that listening to someone and reading their emotions is an important part of how people view you.

Frank was always smiling, when he was tired or excited there would be a big grin on his face.

He taught me to smile more, as the world is better with more smiles.

He was special to me, but these lessons aren’t exclusive to Frank.

Love your pets… but more importantly learn from them.

Goodbye Frank
October 13, 2018 - June 19, 2022


Enjoying Goolwa beach

Asleep at Goolwa after a long days walking

Working from home with Ben

Frank's first day in Adelaide, and learning to trust

Bewildered and adolescent Frank

Frank and his girlfriend Poppy, very happy

Running into the sunset in Kurralta Park

Aldinga beach fetching, fastest dog on the sand

Sellick's Beach walking and rock pool inspecting

Enjoying the sun and greenery at Brownhill Creek

Frank and his housemates

Frank the happy puppy

Frank on a French boat at North Haven marina

Posing for the camera before coming to Adelaide

Frank pretending to be a puppy again after watching me kiteboard at 2020 Nationals

Tired but still cute

Chilling on the couch at Kurralta park

Happy on the floor

Walks & posing

Digging in the rain is fun

Some words are hard to learn, but we got there in the end

Always got my back

Puppy trying to pat big dog

Cute little Frank

Beanie buddies

Having fun kiteboarding together

Dirty and happy

Bravely crossing the scary bridge in St Peter's

Tired but happy

Big walks call for an afternoon nap

Playtime never stops!

A beautiful portrait of Frank by Prudence Ivy

Frank kissing Taro

Excited to hit the beach

The doggies and Adzie

Tired Happy Franky

Forrest walks with Dad

Jumping on a fallen tree with Dad

Posing in the sunlight

Majestically smelling the country side


Dancing to "Crab Rave"

Chewing dangly things in the backyard

Head banging to metal music

Running next to me kiteboarding

Getting treats because he was a good boy

Hacking the mainframe!

Super slow mo running

Running in circles, but enjoying the ride

More head banging!

Exhausted at the park

Exhausted at the park 2

Tired Franky

Little Franky sleeping at the beach