Discovering DELIVERY-ONLY pizza

We ordered a pizza from a new pizza place in Adelaide. It seems like we discovered a thing called a Delivery-Only resturant …

Discovering the pizza store

We recently ordered a pizza from a new pizza shop called Hey Bianca. My partner Ally discovered them online (via Instagram cause we’re hip!), she then ordered the pizza from their website. However she noticed that there was no phone number visible on the website, and know way to contact the store, which seemed a little strange. But they stated they do pickup, so I was intending to pick up the pizza on the way home from work.

Finding the store

I looked at the website and at first glance, I was not able to easily find the location of this pizza store. This was pretty odd, as it was a modern website for a pizza store, and one of the main reasons you search a business up is to find it, right?

Initial first glance at

On a closer inspection, I found the location at the very bottom of the page. It was not highlighted and seemed as if it was placed there for legal reasons. This intrigued me, so I set off to find the Pizza Shop!

There's the address!

Spotting the store

I remembered the highly branded advertisements we found on Instagram, so I looked for these logos on the street. Big pizza signs or lights, but I couldn’t easily see the store.

After driving past it twice (It was raining, I’m dumb), I finally noticed that the pizza place was a tiny shop without any traditional signs.

The store front, small sign not visible behind parked cars

It was weird that the small sign blocked the door (which was actually locked). But when I looked through the window I could see why. The entire Pizza Shop was actually just a big kitchen! So there was no room for customers to order or wait inside.

Well I knocked on the door and a chef came up to window and started talking to me. He said they’re entire business is online-based and that pickup was only a courtesy for some customers in apartments in the area. They apologized that I couldn’t come in, but I happily waited on the street until my pizza was ready, then took it home to Ally.

This got me thinking about the motivation and model behind this business…

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